Sunday, March 29, 2009

TOS Review: Schleich

Jo has this really, really interesting habit: she likes to climb underneath Manolin's crib and play with her farm animals. She has pigs, horses, cows, rabbits ... a whole menagerie of sturdy little plastic friends in life-like poses that come to life at her fingertips as she hides away under the baby's bed.

Is it the enclosed space? The sense of seclusion? The "I'm still little!" thrill?

Or is it her ├╝ber-realistic Schleich animals?

We'll never know. She's not telling. But if you happen to find her there, hiding beneath the crib skirt and murmuring to her little flock, please don't disturb her. Imagination is at work.

1 comment:

Benny said...

That's so cute! And I, too, love those Schleich animals. Too bad none of my kids are animal fanatics yet. There's time though... maybe one will be someday!