Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's covered

In my last cloth diapering post, I mentioned that I would be contacting CottonBabies to see about getting some replacement tabs for my BumGenius 3.0s. While the diapers and inserts were still stain-free and in great condition--even after a year of heavy use--the hook and loop tabs and laundry panels had all but given up the ghost. It wasn't unusual for a curled tab to snag the edge of a fuzzy sleeper and come open, or for me to pull a tangle of snagged covers from the washer and spend a few minutes separating them before sending them on to the next stage of the laundering process.

To my (happy) surprise, CottonBabies not only replaced the tabs on our BGs ... they gave us a whole batch of brand new covers.

Apparently, this only works if your diapers are still under warranty (within one year of purchase date). I think they also had to be purchased from the all-important "authorized vendor" as well, but since mine were ordered through CottonBabies, I didn't read that part carefully. Sorry.

It took slightly longer than I expected for my covers (they didn't replace the inserts) to be returned. When they arrived, however, it was like Diaper Box Day all over again. Brand new diapers! Yeah!

These covers are supposedly
New and Improved! but I can only see some tiny changes, like the size of the laundry tab. The washing instructions, however, have changed significantly. CottonBabies no longer recommends drying the covers at all; hanging is the only method that keeps your new warranty in effect. The directions in regards to what you should and should not wash in the same load as your diapers is also more clearly defined. For example, I learned that washing flannel baby wipes with my diapers is now a big no-no. Hurumph!

I still love these diapers. I recommend them to anyone and everyone who shows an interest. But they do seem a little less user-friendly now somehow. I liked the routine I had going with washing. Air drying throws a tiny crimp in that timing-wise. But I like tabs that stick even better, so I'll play along.


Hall Family said...

Good info! I would love to do cloth diapers when we have more kiddos! Love the warranty!

Vicki said...

It really only takes overnight for them to dry.. Just wash and dry over night and stuff in the morning.. Good to go! Are you saying that they let you keep the old diapers, gave you new tabs AND replaced them? Wow!

Benny said...

The hanging part definitely changes the routine and the flexibility, but it's not that much harder as I get used to it.

I do think the warranty is fantastic, though. I checked our mutual friend E.'s BG's yesterday on our visit, and sure enough even back in December when she got them, the laundry instructions still say to machine dry them. Hers are just starting to go bad on the laundry tabs, and a few tabs are starting to curl. She was thrilled to find out she could get them replaced if they got any worse.

I'm still happy with ours and I still intend to use them for the rest of GP's diapering time, and for any future babies we may have in diapers. Still not sure the best plan for newborns though...