Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas with the Blandings'

A flock of boys flanked by sisters! This year's stockings, l-r: Jo, Atticus, Logan, Oliver, Manolin, Bee

I took a slightly different direction with our annual Christmas newsletter this year. I started writing these updates in 2002, when our little branch of the family tree was swept up in the hurricane of relocation and deposited clear on the other side of the country. I've heard the whines and rants about Christmas letter over the years, but folks, I have no other idea how to keep a whole passel of family members in the loop when it comes to a horde of growing children and a lifetime of memories. I guess I could give them all my blog address?

On second thought ... no.

Anyhow, I write Christmas newsletters. I only give them to family members and dear friends, and no, I do not outline every academic award, AWANA jewel, and cute quip my little angels have uttered over the past twelve months. I'm a quick-and-dirty highlights kind of girl. For example, last year's section about Atticus said:

Atticus, age 8
Atticus has decided to employ his considerable brain power in the promising field of Star Wars scholarship. As you might imagine, competition in this area of study is fierce. Atticus must spend hours a day poring over tomes to look up fascinating (and relevant!) facts such as how many light sabers Obi Wan owned during his lifetime and whether or not AT-ATs can be safely transported by starship. In his down time, he stays sharp by nibbling grilled cheese sandwiches into the shape of X-Wing fighters.
That's not too bad, is it? I mean, it's not bad enough to be posted on a forum, followed by a gagging smilie, right?

I can only hope.

At any rate, this year I decided to set our update to song. I worked on it for quite a while, and I think I finally got it just right. I was going for whimsy, especially since the vast majority of our family thinks that we're unbelievably nuts. The final version is to the tune of "Deck the Halls" and is very tongue-in-cheek, while still celebrating the ups (and yes, the downs) of our year.

Here's a version that didn't quite make the final cut--my rewrite of the classic "Christmas in Killarney", shared here for posterity's sake.

Christmas with the Blandings'

Schooling tots, schooling pre-teens,

The busiest picture you've ever seen
Is Christmas with the Blandings'
With all of the folks at home

Verses to say and stuff to know
"I'm running a truck over Mommy's toe!"
And math facts, you know, of course
aren't very popular in our home

The door is always open
The social workers pay a call
And Adoption Workers, before they're gone,
Will check the house and all

How grand it'd be, a full day to see
Without interruption--sheer tranquility!
I'm handing you no blarney
The likes you've never known
Is Christmas with the Blandings'
With all of the folks at home


Missus Wookie said...

So glad Jo's bookmarks are selling well.

Your clip from Atticus's bit last year made me smile... I bought Star Wars chop sabers for a present this morning.

Fatcat said...

Love the song!