Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A life well lived

Grandpa Logan--the man for whom we named our second son--is dying. Maybe today, maybe next month ... we don't know the date, but we know his time is very short.

We are sad for what will be an immense loss to our lives, but rejoicing for these reasons:

Eighty-six years of walking faithfully with the Lord.

Honorable service to his country in World War II. Grandpa Logan took very seriously the responsibility for home and hearth placed on his shoulder as a U.S. Marine.

Over fifty years of marriage to the wife of his youth, who left us three years ago.

Three children--and not one divorce among them, even though they came of age as Baby Boomers.

Ten grandchildren.

An even dozen great-grandchildren to date.

Many years of dedicated service to his community and church.

A lifetime of love, laughter, and Bingo games played while sipping Cold Duck.

This is truly an example of a life well lived, isn't it? Grandpa Logan--Mr. Blandings' maternal grandfather--is one of those men in whose presence you want to stand a little taller. From the day Mr. Blandings and I married, I was never a "granddaughter-in-law" in his eyes; I was, simply, yet another granddaughter whom he welcomed and adored right alongside the others. I'm sure the man has his faults, but I tell you ... they're shockingly few. In a society where men routinely shirk their responsibilities, whine for "me time," and put their careers first, Grandpa Logan shines as an example of what true manhood is, and what its fruits are.

It's an honor to have known you, Grandpa Logan. Pass in peace into the arms of the Savior you have loved and served for so long. Look forward to the reunion you'll have with Grandma Betty. And know that we will see you again. For if your life accomplished anything, it is this: generations of followers of Christ, all of whom desire to follow in your footsteps for His glory.


Melody said...

What an amazing legacy!

Kindred Blessings said...

What a blessing to have a grandfather like that! He'll enjoy the reunion with his wife and being in Heaven (I really envy those partying in Heaven; it will be fabulous!). I'm sorry for your loss; missing someone really hurts.

Sarah said...

What a blessing to all of you to have Grandpa Logan.

Sarah aka Perky7 said...

Blessings to your family during this time of reflection and loss. The rich heritage you and your children inherit because of your Grandpa Logan's commitment to be a Man of God is a fitting tribute. How awesome that you are raising your children to follow in his footsteps.

Camille said...

What a lovely testimony of God's goodness in the life of your beloved Grandpa! How precious he sounds! May God grant the grace to walk the path that lies ahead and give you peace as he goes before you. What a mercy that your Grandpa knows the Lord...makes saying goodbye a little easier.


Meegan said...

Your tribute to your grandpa Logan is wonderful. I can feel your pain. I lost my Grandma right after Thanksgiving. At 81 years old, she was still babysitting my kids at least twice a week. We miss her very much. Hugs to you!