Friday, March 5, 2010

Long-haried freaky people need not apply

Twice in one week--
twice--someone has taken it upon themselves to point out that Atticus, my oldest son, has hair that they deem "too long." Twice.

What. in. the. world?

I live outside of Seattle, easily one of the most liberal, non-conformist, come-as-you-are places in the U.S. This is the area that gave the world Kurt Cobain. Coffee house chic. And as much plaid as the Jacobite Rising.

And yet ... my son's hair is too long?

I admit--it miffed me. I happen to like Atticus' hair. The truth is, it softens his hyper-focused, ├╝bersmart persona just that tiniest drip, and makes him seem a bit more like the not-quite-ten year-old boy that he is. His hair is a startled shock of strawberry blond locks that cascade into his eyes when he reads, smooth against my cheek when he hugs me, and stand up angrily first thing in the morning.

Atticus without long hair is somehow just not Atticus. Never has been. The truth is, the boy has only had a truly short haircut once, and that was when he was 2 and decided to butcher himself with a pair of Play-Doh scissors, of all things. (On the flip side of this coin is Logan, who generally sports a buzz, thanks to inheriting more cowlicks in his blond hair than his mother can bear to tame at any one time. )

I really, really thought we had gotten beyond hair as a symbol of anything much more than personal preference. But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe by not forcing my son to sport the same bowl cut that every other boy his age seems to be stuck with, I'm somehow breaking a rule. Perhaps people are deeply offended when they see a whole head full of those reddish-blond waves float into a room. Maybe there are special police officers out there, waiting to write a ticket for Possession of Unseemly and Unkempt Hair.

Or maybe some people just need to mind their own business.

You think? ;-)


Renee said...

He totally rocks. Really, I can't believe anyone would say that. I too thought hair was a non topic these days. People really should mind their own business.

He's beautiful and I love his cute.

Melody said...

Some people just have WAAAAAAAAAAY to much time on their hands : )

I think his hair looks great!


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Benny said...

I would still have a mop on Finny's head down to his shoulders if he'd allow it. I say as long as Atticus is happy with the long hair, let him go for it and enjoy the flop while you can. I think it's cute on him myself.

And it's totally no one else's business. ;o)


Anonymous said...

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Livin' the Dream said...

He's gorgeous as he is. I love his hair!

mom-e-mae said...'s not even past his shoulders ?!?!?!?! He's a handsome young man, and it's awesome that he can wear his hair as he likes without constant pressure to conform to some peer created fad or be ridiculed because he doesn't.

svr said...

my 5 year old has always had long, curly, thick blond hair. i get comments all the time that he needs a hair cut. he doesn't want one. i just ignore the comments.

Anonymous said...

:) As I sit every Sunday and look at the picture of the LONG-HAIRED Jesus hanging at the front of the sanctuary, I always wonder if a certain Christian school here in Kentucky that requires hair to be off the ears and off the collar would admit him as a student...

I think Atticus is ADORABLE!

Julie said...

I love his hair. It reminds me of what my 4 year olds hair would look like if we let it grow out. Daddy usually takes the boys for haircuts and says cut it off. LOL Not because he minds the hair he just because he's daddy and he does not like to think about what size clippers to use. :)
Now my 6yo sounds like your other son. If I try to let his hair grow out it's cow lick city. Too funny.

woolybear said...

His hair isn't even long!! You should see my boy's. Ah well, I wouldn't worry about it, at all. As long as he is happy with it. It's just hilarious that anyone would even comment on it. I like your blog.