Friday, February 3, 2012

The very bad blogger

You know that blog that's never updated? The one that you follow a link to, then see that the most recent post is more than a couple of months old?

That one?

Well, sadly, I'm quickly becoming that blogger. 

I don't want to be. I have plenty of fodder rolling around in my head, just waiting to make it onto the blog, and yet ...

The hours in the day are so consumed with well, life.

I'm not apologizing, because frankly, life is what it's all about. Blogging is extra. Gabbing with Bee on the phone, sewing a sweet little apron with Jo, watching Atticus' robot perform its most recent program, listening to Logan's verses, making allergy-free cookies for Oli, answering Mani's zillionth question of the day, interpreting Seven's latest words for the world at large ... that's what I have for this moment. 

The blog will always be here. 

The bairns, though ... they are moving at the speed of light. And I'm determined to keep up with 'em.

So be patient with me, if you've got it in you. I'll post as I'm able, promise!

And hey, if you didn't realize that my posts has crawled to a halt, that's fine, too. :-) I'm not offended!


The Hayes Zoo said...

Enjoy 'light speed'.

Tiffany said...

Just glad to hear y'all are alright and will be back eventually! I have to keep checking because sometimes you say *exactly* what I need to hear. Thanks!