Saturday, May 12, 2007


I am a homeschooling mom.

A soccer mom (times two).

An AWANA mom (times three).

And now a 4H mom.

This one has been a new hat to don this year. Jo has taken on the raising of a show rabbit, and she's done really well.
Really well. (Yes, she's one of those girls I envied so much in school--she's good at just about everything.) Today, in her third show, she dropped slightly in her achievements: she placed Reserve Champion Fit & Show instead of Champion. Second, in non-4H speak. But she still got another gorgeous rosette to add to her impressive wall of honors. I tell you, we will need more wall space soon!

I was a proud 4H momma ... especially when I saw what happened when Jo was awarded second. The winner was a spunky blond, probably about 11 years old. This girl has placed second to Jo twice before, and each time she has shown the same grace that I so admire in people who have strived ... and come just shy of their goal. I knew when she came in this morning that she felt like she had nothing to lost; you could see how hard she had prepared in the twinkle in her eye. There were so many 4Hers in their class today that they split them into two groups--the "always a bridesmaid" girl in the first, and Jo in the second. Each of them earned a coveted "Call Back"--the chance to compete again at the Champions Table. The competition was
fierce, I tell you. When the ribbons were finally handed out to the three girls at the table, one got a blue for placing. Jo was handed the Reserve. And finally ... the other girl was given the huge Champion rosette. The girl blushed ... and then Jo threw her arms around her in the most sincere hug I have ever seen.

I wish I'd had a camera. It was the most beautiful expression of who my daughter is on the inside that I have ever seen.

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