Thursday, May 17, 2007

Is it us?!

Logan is sick.


Throwing-up sick, which is never fun. He doesn't have a huge fever, but he is couch-bound and unable to keep anything down. No interest in listening to stories. No interest in the elaborate tent that his big brother made out of his part of the bunk bed in an attempt to make him smile. No interest even in my pulling the t.v. out of the closet and offering up a screening of "Carmen Sandiego."

This is sick.

I am laughing inside, I have to admit. Golly, no ... not because my baby is sick! I am laughing because lately I have been reading two very contradictory books: "Christian Unschooling," and "Managers of Their Homes." I have been trying to reconcile the two philosophies--and the two inclinations I have in my own heart. I haven't found my way through it quite yet. But clearly, today is a day of Christian Unschooling. Because there will be very little Managing of My Home for the next 24 hours, I dare say.


Jana said...

Have you ever checked into the philosophy of the Charlotte Mason method? I tried Managers of Their Homes. Hated how rigid it was. I couldn't do unschooling because I was always afraid of missing important things, and I also feel it's important for children to have SOME structure. For ME, Charlotte Mason's method has provided a perfect balance. I love it. I wrote a bit about it on today's blog entry.

MG said...

Yes, I am a fan of CM homeschooling. Unfortunately, the "true" CM method of 15-minute increments drives me to distraction. I'm really not interested in anything that is too rigid ... I just want to balance my natural permissiveness with some structure. I'm very good at adapting things to my own needs! :-)