Monday, May 21, 2007


Since dh is actively looking for another job, I've been thinking a lot about our morning routine. This falls into the category of not appreciating what you have until is it (almost) gone, as I've been in the same morning schedule for so long that I rarely stop and think about how wonderful it is.

Morning in our house is family time. You have no idea how fabulous this is when you have young kids. Having a flip-flopped day of daddy-time ensures that dh sees the kids at their best instead of their "it's-all-sliding-downhill-where-is-my-bed?" worst.

We almost always have what would qualify as a large breakfast. There's fresh fruit of some form (strawberries, kiwi, sliced apple, grapes, etc.) every morning as a starter. The three kids and daddy tend to gather around the fruit plate while I'm cooking the main course. Over my shoulder, as I'm flipping pancakes or whipping up omlettes, I get to spy on them. Logan usually suggests a game (he's game crazy): Memory, a puzzle, Chinese Checkers, etc. DH almost always bites, and the set-up ensues. Listening to them giggle and chat in the background as I cook is truly one of the best parts of my day.

We eat at a fairly leisurely pace; dh doesn't have to be out the door most mornings until after 9, so there's no hurry. He almost always sticks around downstairs long enough to help clear up the breakfast dishes and help hand out Chore Paks. And (shhh!) most days I get a shower. Alone.

It's a pretty nice way to start the day.


Karla said...

Glad to see somebody I know on the CFBA! Free books at my place this week!

Oh, yeah... and I'm coming over for breakfast tomorrow... but I get to pick the game. And it won't be a word game, with the whiz-kid spellers at your house!

Anne said...

It sounds like the best way ever to begin a day. And you get to shower alone? I cannot even imagine that right now.