Monday, May 14, 2007


The Lord can never leave well enough alone, can He? No. He's never content to let me sit in my comfort zone and coast along, oblivious to the landmines all around me. He always wants me to grow. To change. To lean on Him more and more.

Right now He is leading me through a place where I am redefining pretty much everything. My family is poised to add a new member or two--and a new culture, too. We are helping to plant a new church, which means leaving the body that nurtured us so much in our walk. We are casting around for job opportunities to dh, which could very well mean an entire lifestyle overhaul. Sounds like enough growth to me!

But the Lord says it's not. He has been tugging me toward a deeper redefining of my role for a while now. I know what it is that He's asking for, but basically ... it scares me to bits.

I'm expanding on the ministry He has already given me and am going to gather like-minded folks around me to get a homeschool support group and co-op off the ground in our area. It's very needed. While the number of homeschoolers in our town continues to grow, there are no resources within our borders to serve or encourage them; the closest groups operate the next town over, and none are true "support groups" or "co-ops," since they are connected to private schools or public schools in some way.

This is an area of extreme vulnerability for me. I am not an exceedingly well organized person. I am not especially good at igniting passion in others. And I certainly am the least among these when it comes to knowing how to make something like this go. But I still feel the call. So I'm climbing out of the boat.

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