Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Core 5 has arrived

Everyone knows about new car smell. You know--that smell that hits you as you slide your bottom into the generous, plush driver's seat of a car that's sporting less than oh, 100 miles on it? A car that has never once felt the insane crush of a well-installed child's car seat on its rear bench. A car that bears no tell-tale coffee stains on the carpet. A car that has never called anyone else master.

I had one of those cars once. It was a 1996 Saturn SL2. Dh and I were newly married, flush with the income of two jobs and more than eager to start living the adult life everyone told us we were entitled to. That car was more than just a way to get from point A to point B. It was a symbol--a symbol of all the good things to come in our new life together.

I loved that car.

Of course, a year later I was unable to drive that car. It was a manual transmission ... and I was hugely pregnant with the 10 lb., 2 oz whopper that was our firstborn. But I digress ...

For the first time ever, I have sitting in front of me a complete, brand-new Sonlight Core. Core 5 to be exact. The books have intact bindings. The pages are not marred by other people's lunches. The pieces are all there.

It is a giddy feeling, I tell you.

I am far too intelligent to deny that a year from now, the consumables will have been uh, consumed, and the books will have suffered the wear and tear of many a night in a bed belonging to a child who could not, would not put it down.

This is a temporary satisfaction, but a satisfaction nonetheless.

I'm excited for the new year. Blown away by the thoroughness and imagination that seems to have gone into the Eastern Hemisphere Explorer. Salivating over some of the story lines--most of which I have never before read. Eying the timeline figures and wondering who in the heck some of these folks are.

It's going to be a good year. I can smell it.


connie said...

A brand new core? Congrats! That's one for the record books!

SmallWorld said...

Core 5! Core 5!! Oh, how I LOVED Core 5!!

And just one more year and I can do it again!

(Core 5 was also the first I bought all in one fell swoop; the rest I'd pieced together.)

Jess said...

Congrats, Mary Grace. I just placed my order for next year and am so excited too (course, I'm just on Core 1, but I'm throwing in MOH and a few other supplements here and there. It's so exciting to be on the front end, imagining the possibilities!

Luke said...

Love the car analogy. But, unlike the car, I think it's satisfying to see books well-read/used. With the car, it's just kinda depressing.


Missus Wookie said...

We adored Core 5 - hope you have as much fun... and strangely we love seeing all the books a bit battered just as much as brand new :)

vanclanmom said...

Now that you have your whole core 5 and IG, would you be willing to share your pans for combining Core 5 and Core 1? I have become convinced that I do need to keep all my kiddos together, for the most part--but need some help fleshing out the details. I know I'm not the only one trying to wrap my brain around this...Oh, my kids get antsy or "bored" or disagreeable with one another with all their free time in summer. I'm with is good even during the breaks!