Monday, July 14, 2008

Wait for it ... wait for it ...

Logan: "Mom ... you know that big box of books we got from Sonlight?"
Me: "Yes."

Logan: "Well, are we going to use those or what?"
Think he's ready for school?

Me: "I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, just so you know."
Jo: "For you or for Oliver?"
Me: "For me."
Jo: "Are you sick?"
Me: "No, it's a check up."

Jo: "Good. Because when you get sick, God has to have Miss J. and other people bring us food, otherwise we'd eat black beans and rice every day. I think that's all Dad can make." He can actually cook quite well when not juggling four little people.

On the way to VBS
M (friend J's 4 yo son): "Mommy said you listen to your teacher."
Me: "Absolutely. Good idea, M."
M: "And if other people are doing something bad, you don't do it."
Me: "That's right."
M: "'Cuz if you do (pointing finger and wrinkling brow) ... that's SIN, Miss MG."
Yes, folks. It really can be that simple.

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