Friday, February 5, 2010

Any questions?

I'm a bit of a political junkie. A degree in Political Science will do that to you, even if you somehow manage to finagle a concentration in the Reconstruction Era South into an actual sheepskin.

At any rate, I love politics. I love the give and take. I love the discourse. I love the crafting of ideas, the intellectual back and forth, the challenge of bringing polar opposites into agreement.

Which, of course, is why I loathe a good portion of what goes on in the U.S. political arena. Aside from being self-serving and utterly useless, the theatre of American politics commits the ultimate sin of keeping to the tradition of bandstand monologues--great, puffed personalities, waxing poetic about their ideas, their progress, their way of trumping all the odds and somehow managing to save the day.

Which is very, very boring, not to mention being as intellectually stimulating as a nice warm serving of milktoast.

For a taste of the real thing, I like to peek in on what The Brits have to offer in their rousing, slightly nutty, and always relevant Question Time. It's something akin to discovering organic bananas, folks: once you've tasted the real thing, the bland substitute will never again truly satisfy.

In this vein, Americans from across the political ideological spectrum have banded together to put forth a modest proposal to institute our own version of Question Time here in the Colonies. I invite you to investigate the matter and make up your own mind. Then pop back here and share your thoughts. Who knows ... we might even have our own little Parliamentary exchange right here.

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