Tuesday, February 23, 2010


EL-ROI (Genesis 16:1)--meaning "The Strong One Who Sees"
I love the names of God. In fact, I feel a little cheated sometimes as I read through my NIV or NASB versions of the Bible and come across yet another "the LORD" when the context of the reference is clearly alluding to one of the amazing attributes revealed in the small, humble package of a name. It's easy to forget, in a world where titles mean so little, the majesty and power that are summed up in the way God refers to himself--and is referred to by His first followers. He is The One Who Goes Before Us. Our Banner. Our Provider. And, oh, yes ... The Strong One Who Sees.

These past few days, as Mr. Blandings, Jo, and Bee have been enjoying one another in Kathmandu, we have also been engaged in a full-scale prayer effort asking God for nothing short of a miracle: We want Bee's visa, stamped, approved and in hand, in time for her to step onto the plane and come home with her father and sister.

This has been a tall order in the eyes of man. First of all, Mr. Blandings and Jo were unexpectedly detained for a full day on one of their layovers, costing them an entire day's worth of time in Nepal. Then, the disgruntled politics that upend life there from time to time intervened--a strike was planned, and closure of government offices was imminent. And then there was a clerk who was unmoved by the impassioned pleas of a 13 year-old girl wanting to be seen at the embassy in time to leave with her new family. An interview was scheduled, yes ... for the day after her father and sister left the country.

Right now, I could amaze you by saying that God moved the mountains. I could bring a smile to the face of every believer who reads this by telling you that our God came through. He conquered the roadblocks and He moved hearts. All of this would be true.

Or I could sum it up like this:

We are under the wing of The Strong One Who Sees.

Before Mr. Blandings and Jo set foot in the Seattle airport ... The One Who Goes Before Us. Before the strike was planned ... Our Banner. Before the clerk ignored Bee ... Our Provider.

El-Roi has miraculously smashed every obstacle of the princes and principalities. Only one remains as I write this: Bee's interview that will either grant or deny her visa application. It is scheduled to take place at approximately 6:15 p.m. PST today, February 23, 2010. Approximately 12 hours after the interview begins, the journey back to Seattle will begin. The only question is how many Blandings family members will board the plane. Two? Or three?

I ask for your prayers. This entire journey has already displayed the immense power and glory of God. He has done so much, and given so many people who have heard this story the chance to raise their hands to heaven and praise Him. The desire of our heart is that Thursday night, Bee will sleep for the first time in the love and safety of the home the Lord has prepared for her here, with a family celebrating her arrival. We long for this. We ask you to join us in petitioning God that this be made a reality.

Because yes, He is The Strong One Who Sees. But He is also our loving Abba, who delights in our joy and cherishes us as beloved children. And we know that what we ask, He hears.

Thank you, friends. I hope to post tomorrow with news of victory.


Luke said...

Still praying for you here at Sonlight! May God continue to move things along.

Lord, I ask that You will grant Bee her visa and work out all the little details so that all three can fly home. Amen.


ThyHandHathProvided said...

Oh, Mary Grace. I have prayed and will continue to do so. Oh, to be all together!

Rachel said...

Praying now.

Amy Kelley said...

I am moved by your faith and am praying with you. I can only imagine how great our Father's heart is moved by your cry. Please, Lord, let Your family be united, let your will be done, and let Bee come home now!

I have really enjoyed reading your blog, and will continue to lift your family in prayer. Thanks for the great reading and encouragement in the journey.


Sarah said...


Chef Penny said...

I have put reading this post off all day as I have been busy until now which just happens to be 6:15 PST. Lord, I lift this family up to you. Open all the doors that need to be opened so that 3 Blandings can get on that plane. Lord, we praise you and love you and know that nothing is impossible for you. In Jesus' name AMEN!

I can't wait to hear of the victory!

TexasHeather said...

I happened upon this late, but praying and waiting just the same.