Monday, February 22, 2010

Easily the funniest thing I've read in a LONG time

I love Danielle at 6yearmed. I hope I never meet her in real life, because it will mean that something awful has happened to one of my children while in a foreign city. But still, I like her. Why? Because despite being an MD, despite having a medical take on just about everything, despite being a professional, she has a sense of humor about who she is and what she does. Case in point is this post. Read it and laugh. Danielle is clearly the kind of doctor who would walk in on my family all crowded into examining room and ask, "Are these all your kids?" But then she'd laugh. I can respect that.


ThyHandHathProvided said...

Thanks, Mary Grace. It sounds like something I would do/say. It's part of my compulsion to not say the wrong thing which seems to lead to saying the wrong thing. Often:-).

Anonymous said...

HA! That's definitely not something I would ever say or do. ;)