Saturday, July 31, 2010

Almost Famous

My friend Heidi at The Blissful Stitcher--the ├╝bertalented lady who made the boys' adorable "Worth the Wait" shirts--asked if she could use pics of my cuties on her etsy site. She's doing something of a specialization in adoption-themed clothing, having found herself surrounded by families who have received God's call to grown through that specific path.

Anyhow, she asked. I, of course, said yes. I've waited a long time to share those little faces with the world. If I can brag on God, my boys, adoption, and a friend's gift all at the the same time ... whoa! I'm taking that opportunity.

So here they are: Oli and Mani, in their etsy debut. Go ahead. Tell me how cute they are. :-)


Kate said...

cute cute cute

Mollie said...

such cuties!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
-mollie, long time reader but first time commenter

Heidi said...

Totally cute! LOVE the shirts!

Heidi, The Blissful Stitcher said...

And now, thanks to your post, *I* am Almost Famous!!! :) Thanks, MG!