Thursday, February 28, 2008

Crazy-making time

The next few weeks promise to be a time of near-hysteria. While I often seem to live right near the edge of what one woman can possibly accomplish in just 24 hours, I think I’m in for a ride that will leave me breathless.

Jo had her tonsillectomy yesterday. She has been in extreme pain, and is requiring far more one-on-one care than Logan did back when he had his done in October. Granted, it’s only been 28 hours since the surgery, but still ... it’s not looking good for the dream of a quiet, subdued child with a sore throat slurping ice cream and watching videos on the couch. I’ve spent the better part of today schlepping movies, ice water, ice cream, popsicles and pudding to wherever Jo is propped. The off-times are spent rocking her in our big blue chair, or holding her while she sobs in my bed. Maybe next week will be better. We shall see.

Tomorrow, of course, is O-day--Oliver-day, to the uninitiated. A good (single, childless) friend is coming to do the schlepping, rocking and holding while I drive down to pick up Oliver. While I wish that this would be a super happy homecoming day marked by balloons and a big old chocolate cake, I don’t see it happening. Best case scenario is me returning with Oliver and spending the rest of the day rocking TWO babies in the aforementioned blue chair.

But I’m o.k. with that.

The bigger challenge that I see up ahead is the month of March. Next week will be marked with at least two visits from social workers. That’s just a taste of what’s to come. At some point within the next 30 days, I have to get Oliver in for a medical evaluation (required by the state) and start setting up his therapies (definitely PT, probably OT). I also have to keep Jo moving in the direction of healing, and get her to her follow-up with the ENT.

Atticus and Logan have baseball starting sometime in March, too. And did I mention AWANA and 4-H? Then there’s homeschooling, of course.

And laundry. Don’t forget laundry, whatever you do.

While I’m sitting here wondering how I can keep all of the balls in the air, I keep reminding myself that there are tons of women out there who juggle a whole lot more and manage to keep it under control. I, after all, only have four children to worry about. And most of them are fairly self-sufficient little creatures. So what if we fall a little behind in housekeeping for a bit, right? During this season of growth and change, I’d much rather focus on enjoying the moments we’ve been given. The laundry can wait. I am going to savor every cuddle, enjoy every hug and sit on the floor surrounded by my children as much as possible. The to-do list can only steal my joy if I let it. And I choose not to.


Paula said...

"The to-do list can only steal my joy if I let it. And I choose not to."

I LOVE this! Very well said. ;0)

Oh Joy! said...

Wow... I agree with Paula... very wisely said!

It's a good thing that Jo had her surgery before the cute baby comes home! It would be a hard transition for him to have a stranger babysit him in a strange home while you're gone at the hospital! Hopefully Oliver will be a distraction for Jo.

Praying for your sanity tomorrow! :)