Friday, February 15, 2008

Let me sum up

There is no eloquence left in me at the moment.

The meeting went well. The little boy is adorable. We'd take him in a heartbeat. Chances are good that we won't get the chance, though. His foster mom (a relative) adores him, and is hoping to find a way to adopt him herself.

He is well loved.

Our hearts are broken, and our hopes had been so high. We want what’s best for this little guy, though. That’s the most important part of this whole process; that he be well loved and cared for. And if he doesn’t need us, someone else does. God will lead the way.


dawn klinge said...


Stacy said...

Oh, you.

I'm so sorry.


Unknown said...

I've stopped crying.

Now I can give hugs and continued prayers that God's perfect will be done.

I know He has you in the palm of His hand right now.

I think I'll climb up there myself.

Christine said...

I'm so sorry. May God's will be done in your lives...