Tuesday, February 5, 2008

They're on the job

Just a few weeks in to the transition between the two agencies ... and we got our first call!

I really like the new placement coordinator (very important), and I feel like working with her will be a pretty good arrangement. She's the one who sighs every time she realizes how long we've been licensed and waiting. How can I not like her? :-)

This particular call was regarding a sibling set--boy, just turned 4 and a girl, who is either 2 or 3 (the birthyear listed may be incorrect). The children are AA, TPR has already been filed and bio dad has relinquished. The kids are currently in a relative placement that has to end by March 14.

I don't know if these are our kids or not. Honestly, the Lord hasn't really given me an indication in either direction. I am praying, praying and trying hard to listen for His voice. I don't have the pitter-patter in my heart that I have had in previous cases. Is that just me being jaded? I really don't know. I am straining, leaning in ... waiting on the Lord.