Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cousin Malcolm has landed

One of the most common questions I get in my email inbox is this: "Where is Cousin Malcolm these days?"

Cousin Malcolm was made infamous (apparently) by his two day stay with us. He also holds a soft spot in my kids' hearts. They each have opted to spend their personal letter writing time filling him in on the happenings in their lives as of late, and a simple mention of his name sends them of to wax poetic about one or another of his tales. They also pray for him nightly--that smoking bit really has them concerned. But they love him.

Judging by the number of facebook friends Cousin Malcom has (732, and counting), he pretty much has that effect on people in general. Locations and names pretty much cover the globe. It's amazing, I tell you. The man is a legend in his own time.

But, dear readers, even a rolling stone must sometimes gather a little moss. Cousin Malcolm has recently settled into an apartment here in the states, where he's attending a prestigious law school. YES--a law school.

Go figure.

So for now, Cousin Malcolm is staying put. Being decent and respectable. Playing the part of the tamed schoolboy.

And biding his time, apparently, until he can visit us in Nepal ... which he's already promised the kids he will do.


Luke said...

Reminded me of a joke I read in Reader's Digest recently... adapted here:

Bill Gates walks onto campus where Cousin Malcolm and his professor are chatting. Gates walks over and gives Malcolm a high five and then wanders off.

Not two minutes later, President Obama shows up on campus to give a speech and, seeing Cousin Malcolm, gives him a big hug.

Now the professor is really intrigued. "I bet you don't know the Pope," he says to Malcolm.

"We play golf together now and again," Malcolm replies.

The professor is incredulous and pays for tickets to the Vatican. During the morning benediction Malcolm slips away and, sure enough, ends up on stage with his arm draped over the Pope's shoulder.

Two Chinese tourists turn to the professor and ask, "Who's the white guy with Cousin Malcolm?"



mary grace said...

Luke, that cracked me up!!!