Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I get questions ...

After getting duplicates of several questions via email, I thought I'd post the answers here in case anyone was pondering the same things. Also, if you have a question you think I might possibly have an answer to (keeping in mind that I never said I was an expert on anything), then post it here ... you never know ... I might just answer!

Are you planning on adopting more kids?

Ah, good question. One that I know my mother-in-law would like answered definitively, that's for sure! The present answer is that there's nothing in the works at this time. With a court date for Oliver and one being set for Manolin, we'll be turning our attention to getting Bee's visa. From there, who knows? We are at capacity for foster care with 6 kids in our home 13 or under. We could get a special dispensation for a sibling placement, but since no sibs are currently forthcoming, that's not something we're thinking about. We have opted to keep our foster license, however.

If you had to go back and start all over (meaning: with your first placement) would you still adopt from foster care?

You haven't seen pictures of my little boys yet, so I can forgive you for asking this one! :-) The answer is YES. Two and a half years is a small price to pay for the life and love of a child.

Are you rich?

Depends on who you're asking. The truth is that if my older kids were in school, we'd qualify for reduced price lunches. However--we have found God to always be amazingly faithful in providing for our needs. On Mr. Blandings' salary, we are able to feed and clothe our entire family, keep a roof over our heads that is "small" by US standards but enormous by the standards of the rest of the world, and support work that expands God's Kingdom. Oh, and we have fun, too. I think that qualifies us as rich, don't you?

Are you one of those up at 5 a.m. moms?

Hardly. The truth is, I love to sleep. I do it well. I do it often. And I do it for longer stretches than the average momma! I am generally in bed by 9:30 p.m., listening to the sweet sound of my husband doing our nightly Bible reading. I conk out pretty quickly though, so my morning Bible reading is actually a repeat of what Mr. Blandings read the night before! And when does that morning reading take place? No earlier than 6:30 a.m., guaranteed.

Is your husband really on board with having all of those kids? My husband won't budge on having more than 2/3/4.

My husband wasn't always thrilled at the prospect of a large family; truth be told, it wasn't my idea of a good time, either. Like most things in the Christian walk, God slowly worked on both of our hearts to get us to the point where the idea of "one more" wasn't anywhere near as scary as it was on the day we said "I do." Nowadays, I can fully say that Mr. Blandings would have two dozen children if God asked him too. It'd probably be me with the slack jaw and the disbelief at the prospect!

Do you really use everything that you review?

Yes, I do. I couldn't in good conscience recommend a product that I hadn't personally tried. This is one of the reasons why I find giving verbal recommendations so hard--people will ask about things I haven't used, and I have to issue so many qualifiers about "what I've heard"!


Anonymous said...

I've loved your blog. So inspiring, yet so real. We were the same way with "just one more". We never would have dreamed we would have even 4 children. It's neat to see how God grows us and changes us through the years.

Traci said...

After meeting your boys( and Miss Jo) I couldn't imagine your family any differently. You have a great bunch MG. You and Mr Blandings have listened to the call and carried it out.