Thursday, June 10, 2010

There's nothing like a two year-old

... to make you remember just how much passion life can truly hold.

Manolin is fully, completely, and totally two--from the giggling fits over "The Foot Book," all the way to the shrieks of indignation he lets out when his Buzz Lightyear underwear aren't in the clean pile.

Yes, he keeps up on our toes alright.

The big kids are learning how to navigate around a typically developing toddler (Oli never hit this stage, so it's new to them). I am remembering the drawn-out preparation that goes into every transition when you've got a little volcano threatening to erupt at every move. ("In ten minutes, we'll put our shoes on and leave the house." "In five minutes, we'll put our shoes on and leave the house." "In one minute ...") And Mr. Blandings is rediscovering his pure toddler-love--the kind that makes him ask me to keep Mani up just twenty more minutes, until he can walk through the door and toss him high in the air. (Are you kidding me?!?!)

Yes, life with a two year-old is a constant roller coaster of laughter and joy, wails and agony. But you know, it's a pretty good place to be.


Mandi @ Life Your Way said...

Love this post, MG! I think two years old is one of my favorite stages. I love to watch their emotions play out (and oh how I wish I could recover from a full out meltdown within seconds like our 2yo does!) and see them discovering life. I LOVE to watch their personalities really bloom. If there was one age I could bottle, this would be it, despite all of the challenges!

Renee said...

Oh, you made me smile! Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!!!