Monday, June 14, 2010

Signs of summer

Jo enjoying an amazing PNW sunset

The garden is fully planted and growing, and all of my kids have feet stained with grass and dirt from days spent running barefoot in the back.

I guess it's summer. I never quite know when it hits, since the thermometer rarely dips above 80 until well into July here in our little corner of the world. Instead of gauging by temperature, I have to look for other signs that the seasons has shifted.

What are your signs of summer?


Jess said...

Um, I think you're trying to pull one over on us. That's a picture of YOU, right? LOL... that girl looks just a LITTLE like her mama. :)

Jennifer Jo said...

Sleeping with fans trained on our scantily-clad bodies. It was MISERABLE last night!

Traci said...

a/c kicking on, no pants coming through the laundry are sure signs around here.

Liz said...

lucky! that's all i have to say- i want to be in the PNW!!

here you can tell it is summer when you get scorched walking from your car to the grocery store..sigh

Camille said...

LOL...have to laugh at the others who are JEALOUS of us Mary Grace!! What a great summer for you to be carrying Seven! I remember when I was expecting and DUE in August and I was a cold, rainy summer...everyone was complaining...but I loved it!! Largely expecting and HOT weather are not a good mix...I was SO thankful!

My signs of summer are similar to yours. The kids get dirtier ~ so more showers, but less's all good. :)


Camille said...

Neglected to say...I'm in BC...basically the Pacific Northwest...but in Canada. I know of what you speak! :)

Kindred Blessings said...

I thought that was you! She looks just like you!!

Julie said...

Loosing my breath from the heat and humidity the moment I walk out the door. :) I live in FL, it's been in the 100s this past week.
I am due in the next week or so and I have to say if she was coming at the end of the summer we might have had to move. LOL
We actually do a lot of schooling during the summer and take off in the cooler months.