Monday, November 17, 2008

Advent Conspiracy

It's easy to forget that Christianity is not supposed to be a comfortable thing.

This Advent season ...


It's not about what your kids open. How beautiful the tree looks. How many tasty cookies you can bake. How you can keep the in-laws happy.

It's about JESUS.

I urge you to visit Advent Conspiracy and Rethinking Christmas. Because really ... what do you want your children to remember about Christmas? The full stockings and cool sing alongs? Or how God crushed the status quo with birth of a child?


Melody said...

Thanks for this post, the video, and links. Very timely!

mideastmom said...

Thanks for posting this. I don't usually watch videos on blogs, because they load very slowly and often don't buffer well for me (the joys of "high-speed" internet outside the Western world). This was the second blog I saw this video on, though, so I caved. It loaded perfectly, and I appreciated seeing it.

Being out of the mainstream of consumer Christmas, I forget how overblown it's become. Until I see someone's Facebook picture of their kid with his presents on Christmas morning. Oh my.

We've made a conscious decision to simplify Christmas, and living without affordable access to a lot of the junk helps, but I appreciate this reminder that we don't need to just replace it with the reason why we celebrate but also specific acts that embody that Reason.