Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Calling in backup

It's true: there are times in homeschooling when you realize that you need to take things a little slower. In the space that those weeks or months occupy, you sometimes find yourself employing schooling methods that otherwise would not have appealed to you. Such is the case, for me, with Time4Learning. Normally, I am not a huge fan of across-the-board computer-based homeschooling. I use games and websites to supplement but shy away from the full curricula approach. However ... I was given the opportunity to review this website recently and, with the addition of Manolin to our home, I decided that it was God's provision to allow me to be guilt-free while the three R's sink on the totem pole of my priorities for a time. I signed the bigger kids up (which was as easy as setting up a blogger account, by the way) and have been filling in the gaps with the Time4Learning lessons. I'll keep you posted on my thoughts.


Mandi said...

Thanks for sharing this, MG! What are your thoughts on using it for a preschooler? Pey is wanting to play on the computer more consistently now (every couple days instead of once a month or so that she was requesting before), and I'd love to give her some variety other than Starfall that has a "purpose" so to speak. She's showing all signs of reading readiness but freezes up under any pressure, so I'm looking for a fun way for her to proceed at her own pace. All of that to you think it's worth the cost at this age? Alternatively, do you have other recommendations?

Jennifer Sr. said...

T4L was a Godsend to me!! I just needed the help. My eager youngest could just work on it til her heart's content and I didn't have to feel guilty that she wasn't getting special attention on her level. I only recently cancelled my membership(maybe too soon?!).