Monday, November 10, 2008


Voting begins today in the Homeschool Blog Awards. I am absolutely humbled to have been nominated in two categories this year. Who knew that three people out there would take the time to punch this blog's name and complete address into an online form?

I realize that the odds of me winning SUPER-HOMESCHOOLER are roughly the same ones I'd be up against in persuading the bulk of dh's family that homeschooling is a good thing. Just being nominated is a bit of a chuckle for me because frankly, today I feel like anything but a super homeschooler. Kids run amok will do that to you, won't they? Total disclosure moment: I took the drastic and unprecedented step of banning any and all things Star Wars from our house as a punishment this morning. We'll see if that whips a certain disastrous duo of brothers into shape. I sure hope so, because the only discipline I can conjure in my mind that would be more severe would be denying them the actual right to breathe.

I was also nominated for Best Variety, which I think is a compliment--although I admit that the mention of ADD and hyper-focus made me scroll through a few month's worth of posts and wonder what a professional psychiatrist would make of the strange blend of homeschooling, theology, foster care, adoption and politics that is my life. If "variety" is a nice way of saying "eclectic, rambling and sometimes aimless" then I'll wear the label with pride--even if I find myself near the back of the pack. :-)


Renee said...

Congrats on your nomination!!!!

Wonderful Blogger you are (said in my best Yoda voice).. :o)

Kindred Blessings said...

Congratulations; that's wonderful! I voted for you!

Robin's Reports said...

You got my vote when I saw your name up there.

Tiffany said...

Congrats on being nominated. I'm off to vote!