Saturday, December 6, 2008


The pediatrician today predicted that, with Oliver's current rate of growth and stature, he will probably be five feet, five inches tall as an adult. This is in a family with bio children have routinely topped out in the 95-100% ranges. Logan is estimated to attain six feet, five inches as a grown man, and I bet he gets there handily.

So hey --- I have yet to add a variety of beautiful skin tones to my family (Manolin is thus far quite pale), but I've got a variety of builds. That's something, right? :-)


Sarah R said...

If it makes you feel any better, my pediatrician predicted I'd be 5 foot 10.
I'm not. I'm 5 foot *baaaaaarely* 5, and that is if I count my hair in the equation.
5 foot 10 woulda rocked though.

Paula said...

6'5"??? Sheesh! I thought MY kids were tall. ;o) We do have vertically challenged family members though. Variety is a wonderful thing in any shade or size!

P.S. You can call me anytime...I can't remember your exact e-mail address and since I rarely use my cell phone, I'm at a loss to figure out which stored number might be yours. I should probably buy "Cell Phones for Dummies!" Do they make that? I'm sure they do! ;o)

Suzanne said...

We have the same situation. We are all TALL. I am 5'10", hubby is 6'5", son will be over 6". Daughter will be lucky to get past 5". She is little and fair and we are all large and dark.

Big Red Driver said...

And who knows what variety of personalities you'll have?!

Mrs. C said...

I think any colour is beautiful. They're the children God gave you!