Monday, December 29, 2008

Post-Christmas, Pre-New Year

And this is why the world at large calls this season "the holidays" (well, that and the fact that not everyone celebrates CHRISTMAS, dontcha' know).

I am trying to decide if the tree stays up until Ephinany this year. If we're giving Ephinany gifts (we are swamped with presents this year, y'all). If I'm staying up for the family movie on New Year's Eve since I do, after all, have a two little men who will shamelessly insist on being out of bed at 6:30 a.m. on January 1 ...

What are YOUR plans for the upcoming week?


~Deanna~ said...

LOL I've been stalking your blog since my last post, and I think I'll chime in here. New Years at my house? Well, it will be fairly quiet. I am babysitting so I'll have a total of 6 kids here. The youngest 3 will be in bed by 9, and the rest of us will be sleeping by 12:30. New Years day my grandparents always host a dinner with all kinds of "traditional" new years foods. It's actually kind of annoying because Grama never remembers to invite people, so when we call to say "happy new year" at midnight she asks what time we'll be there. LOL every year it's the same!

Sarah said...

We've never done Epiphany...our tree is DOWN as of Saturday.

Tonight, we're having friends over for the Alamo Bowl. Then Wednesday, we're having a New Year's Eve party and dh's parents, sister and dog are coming for a visit.