Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This is how I know when I'm listening to God

Often it seems that God speaks in a whisper, not a shout. The problem is, you have to be still and quiet to hear such whisperings.

Today, as I was preparing to wake a napping Oliver for lunch so that we would be on time for his 2 p.m. speech appointment, a still, small voice nudged me.

"You should call first. Make sure they're open."

I thought, that makes sense. Snow and all. Maybe the lot's not plowed, so they're closed. Maybe the hill they're on is still a mess. Everything out here's fine, but who knows what it's like half an hour away?

So I closed the door to the sleeping boy's room back with a click and found my cell phone. I called the Children's Center and got a recording.

"This message is for December 24 through January 2. The Children's Center will be closed ...."


Let the boy sleep. Enjoy the quiet. Call it a gift from your Father, who didn't want to see you driving five children an hour out of the way for nothing.


Mrs. C said...

Whew, that would have been a long trip without the therapy!! Could I ask you though if you are doing Early Intervention through the state, don't they come out to the house? Ours does, twice a week.

Just askin' b/c nearly free beats driving a long way and paying. Hugs!!

blessedmomto7 said...


Sarah said...

What a gift!

Big Red Driver said...

Nice listening.

obladi oblada said...

Thanks for the reminder to shut up and listen, Im not always good with that.

Rachel said...

Sweet. I wish I could have a quiet enough heart to hear everything He says in a day.