Saturday, December 6, 2008

Yam math

Here's the totals I came up with on my yam-making project:

36 oz. of organic homemade baby food for $2.50
36 oz. organic Kroger store brand yam puree for infants in 4.5 oz. jars at $0.79 each: $6.32


Yeah ... I'll just make my own, thanks.


Mom Of E's said...

You're right! Making baby food is economical and fun to boot. Plus, you can come up with way better food combos than some of the weird things they put in jars.



Zoƫ said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog...came here through MamaJJ.

I make all of my baby food too! But unfortunately my baby never liked pureed things so I just did lots of chopping with my handy dandy knife...and she still doesn't like pureed things...applesauce is a no go for her!

Mrs. C said...

Yay for saving! Plus with all the stuff added you don't want, it's probably healthier anyway. :]

Luke said...

...sounds like a logical conclusion based on the data [smile].