Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Preach it, sister!

If you want some food for thought, I highly, highly recommend a trip to Working Title. Always a direct hit in the places where you have to think hardest, Amy has been absolutely on fire lately. She recently posted about the rebirth of a form of womanhood that allows room for more than just the little people who populate our households. And if that's not enough to chew on for the next few hours, hit today's post. You may not always agree, but you'll always walk away with something that forces you to put your faith into mindful mode. Who doesn't need more of that?


Birthblessed said...

Thanks for the nudge, Sister. It was a pick me up for sure!

Luke said...

Oh my, yes. I really liked that post, but didn't link to it because of the language... I wanted to though. I wanted to [smile].


Civilla said...

Thanks for coming to my blog. I have signed up to follow yours, and the one you recommended. Will try to read more later. Down with "cool"!