Saturday, August 9, 2008

Back to School: Researching Curricula

We all love word of mouth referrals on homeschool curricula. But what if you don't have a network of friends to run your choices by before hitting the "submit" button on a major purchase? What if the only other homeschoolers you know use living books, and you're a textbook kind of family? What if you are a newbie who is just overwhelmed with the options and not sure how one product compares to another? Check out these links to read reviews written by real homeschoolers just like you!

HomeSchoolReviews--a ton of reviews conveniently divided for easy perusal.
Cathy Duffy Reviews--not as many complete reviews listed here since Cathy published a book of some of her most helpful reviews, but there's still plenty here.
A to Z's Home's Cool--the venerable institution, still one of the best.
TOS Reviews--Short and simple reviews divided by category.
Eclectic Homeschool Online--Over 2,000 reviews.
The Homeschool Library--Forum format where you can read previous reviews and post questions as well.

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