Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The definition of frumpy

I don't look good in workout clothes. Let's be totally honest here, folks: 99% of the population does not look good in workout clothes. Yoga pants, bicycle shorts, sports bras doubling as tops ... issues of personal modesty aside, these are just not things designed to make the average American body look like anything but a sausage wrapped in a shiny bun. YUMMY!

If you look good in workout clothes, you probably don't need to actually workout. This is the paradox of physical fitness.

I am not one of those people. My doctor says that, in order to do battle with the genetics that are causing my blood sugar to skyrocket, I need to drop 20 lbs. So exercise I must. Since wearing a skirt and v-neck isn't exactly appropriate gear for sweatin' it out on the stairmaster, I had to invest in something a little more comfy. Enter my new workout gear:

A pair of grey knit capris and one of my dh's old soccer coach t-shirts. On a woman who is admittedly 25 lbs. above the weight she was on the day she said, "I do."

Be still my heart.

Because I am not one who checks out every mirror I pass, I really don't care how I look while actually doing a round of "fat blaster plus!" on the strange cross-country skiing machine our Y sports. I'm sure it's not a pretty sight. Shabby clothes. Sweaty brow. Blissed-out, red face mouthing the words to a David Crowder song. Curls gone flat. And, would you look at those two year-old Adidas tennis shoes? What a woman!

Today I realized, though, that en route to my workout, I'll be pulling up at the Fairgrounds and helping Jo drop off her rabbits. And people will see me. Lots of people. They will see me, and they will not know that this is not my usual get-up. I will cement for them the stereotype of the frumpy homeschooling mom! Egads!

So now I'm trying to figure out a way to pack my workout gear so that I can change in the locker room. But I don't have a locker! What will I do? Bring the bag with me into the cardio
room?Inconvenient but ... perhaps worth the effort?

Maybe I'm more vain than I thought I was!


Liz said...

if you saw me in my 10 year old workout cloths, you would feel better about yourself, i promise!

Sophy Nextdoor said...

"Frumpy homeschool moms" don't wear workout gear. (They wear long denim skirts with socks and sandals.) Workout gear proclaims to the world that you are working on a new shape so that you can buy new non-frumpy clothing! :)

Sophy Nextdoor said...

PS I used to own a long denim skirt. And I am a homeschool mom.