Sunday, August 3, 2008

Random updates

1. I never posted this, but Atticus had his tonsils and adenoids removed nearly two weeks ago. That would be why I've been so scarce. :-) He is recovering quite well ... especially since his momma was feeling quite permissive and pulled out our archaic Nintendo 64 for him to doodle around with. Atticus has since mastered a Pod Raced game. It was, he reports, well worth the surgery.

2. Oliver is walking like a pro. Well, mostly. He still stumbles about a bit, but by and large, he's more up than down.

3. Logan is happy that school has begun and can't wait for friend C. to return from his camping trip. Also, he's the cutest snarfin' 6 year old on the planet right now. Not that I'm biased or anything.

4. Jo is in Mexico with her daddy. More on that later, no doubt.

5. God has been speaking to me in a painfully convicting way about TIME right now. I'm not liking what I'm hearing, but I'm trying to move in obedience.

6. Core 5 is going very, very well.


Unknown said...

Regarding point 5 of 5 random:

Gee. He must be working overtime. I've been chastised this past week concerning my wifely submission in an area that I'm woefully reluctant to surrender.


intellectually, I *know* He's got something better planned. emotionally . . .well, I feel as tho I need more *time*!!

Jess Connell said...

Hey MG- wanna share more of what He's telling you about time? Cause he's been saying some stuff to me too about it, and I'd like to hear what you're learning.

amy said...

I saw your blog on the Sonlight forum and am so anxious to "meet" other moms who are doing Core 5 and /or Core 1/2. This is my first year doing Sonlight and Hs-ing more than 1. I am nervous! Haven't gotten our book yet but am anxious to get started!