Monday, October 6, 2008


My blog covers a multitude of topics. You may have noticed this, what with me posting about Oliver's adoption status one day sharing some of my writing the next. You know how some people label themselves eclectic homeschoolers? Well, I'm an eclectic blogger.

A more organized person would probably have two or three blogs going if they found themselves writing about homeschooling, adoption, church, writing and family life. Not only am I not that organized, I'm not that compartmentalized. Life is one big crock pot meal as far as I'm concerned. Cook the potatoes in with the chicken, and I'll just call it flavor.

That said, I have felt that it was important to make a full disclosure regarding the reviews you see here at Books and Bairns from time to time. You will note in the header up top that I describe myself as a writer. My passion is short fiction. I also write far too many reflective essays that focus on life and family. Neither of these have very large markets, so I learned early on to take up reviews on the side. In my many years of freelancing, I've written reviews for things as diverse as Jamaican holidays and children's videos. Nowadays, I find myself primarily reviewing homeschool curricula, children's fiction and the occasional smattering of fiction for adults. Those are the reviews I post here on my blog.

All items reviewed on this blog have been used/read by me. Homeschooling products are used with my own family. Some things reviewed in this blog come from my own shelves and were paid for out of my own pocket; some items have been given to me at no cost with the understanding that I will publicly review them. In either case, the end result is the same: f I think that a resource will be especially helpful, I will gladly pass on my find to others. If I find that something has very little value despite its appealing marketing, I'll give you my two cents worth on that as well.

When I approach a product for review, I do so with the understanding that I will be absolutely honest in my presentation of the strengths and weaknesses of said product. I do not write rosy reviews simply because I have been given a free sample of a book. To do so would be dishonest to you, as a reader. It would also deny the publisher of the book I'm reviewing the opportunity to improve their product. I do not submit my reviews in advance of publication for author/publisher approval. I do not post reviews that have been edited by third parties.

All published reviews on this blog have "Review:" in their title. I do this so that you can choose to skip that day's post if a review isn't what you had in mind.

If you ever have a question regarding a review that you've seen here, please feel free to email me. If you'd like for me to review a particular item, you can email me regarding that suggestion as well. And finally, if you are a publisher/author/homeschool entrepreneur that can agree to the terms listed above and would still like me to review your product, contact me. I can be reached at this blog's name (no spaces) @ gmail . c o m

Thanks for tuning in to my PSA.


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