Saturday, October 25, 2008

I am not a filmmaker

... but I can play one on my Mac.

Here's my meet-me-but-not-actually-in-a-live-video entry for the HotM meme.

And, if your name happens to be Luke Holzmann, I hereby require you to lower your expectations greatly before you watch this attempt at video making.

(ETA: Apparently, I am the only one who can see the video I loaded to youtube. I suspect it was because I used the "private" setting. If anyone knows how to turn that OFF, let me know. And, if you'd like the direct link to try and watch the video, let me know via email at this blog's name @ gmail.)


Liz said...

're sorry, this video is no longer available ???

mary grace said...

Hmmmm....I can pull it up just fine. Anyone else having a problem with it, I wonder?

Anonymous said... just says "sorry this video no longer available." I'm sure it was great, though, regardless of what Luke might have to say about it. :)

Judy said...

Wow! That was so creative of you. I enjoyed it.

Mom Of E's said...

Excellent! I enjoyed learning more about you, but better than that it put a big smile on my face. Thanks for sharing, Mary Grace.


Anonymous said...

very creative! Thanks for sharing a little bit about you :)

Unknown said...

How many emotions can MG elicit in ONE blog post?!?!?


You Rock!

I'm jealous.


Benny said...

I was able to view it just fine on Sunday.

And very good MG. I already knew all those things about you, but I still feel like I know you better after watching it!

That Mac program is quite impressive, by the way.


YourDirector said...

Good work with that if you arent used to video editing

Luke Holzmann said...

...umm... you totally just kicked my bum with that one. See, I knew this was going to happen (and I said it, I did, on my video... seems as though you heard that too, so I'm not just making this up, I really did call this, and here it happened): I label myself a filmmaker, and then when it comes time to make a video a mom who merely dabbles with movies in iMovie makes a fantastic video that is way better than mine.


I'll say that again: Grr!


Needless to say, at this point, but I loved your video. Utterly fantastic. No need to lower my expectations at all. There was only one tiny little issue with a fading graphic at one point. One. [I have to at least pretend like I know what I'm talking about, right?] You even had your timing perfect.

Once more, for good measure: GRR!


Wendy said...

Wow, that was cool. You might be the hippest babywearing momma I know ;)

Leslie said...

AWESOME video, MG! I really enjoyed it!


Amico Dio said...

Ha Ha! You have Luke growling at you! That is awesome! ;)

I thought it was very creative and I enjoyed it. I'm chronically late too, I blame it on my three boys and my misplaced Doc Martens.

Robin's Reports said...

Like it was mentioned before, You ROCK!! That was great. I'd love to have something so hip-n-cool on my blog.

Hey Luke is here? I was just "hit" by one of his comments last week.