Monday, October 20, 2008

One super-cool (FREE!) resource for homeschoolers of all ages ... coming right up!

I LOVE free resources. Can I hear a round of applause for the internet as it relates to homeschooling, please?

No matter what age your kids are, check this out. I stumbled upon this site while researching an art unit study and I. am. smitten. Well worth the click.

The company (EduWeb) seems to be in the business of developing software with a largely nonprofit slant. Nonprofit often equals "really cool learning resource" in my book. Here's a sampling of the goodies I bookmarked for our homeschool:

Into the Book Reading comprehension in a game format. This proved to be an irresistible draw for Logan.

Amazing Reef Allows you to develop your own plot line and make a movie.

WolfQuest O.k., you have to download this one, which I hate doing. BUT ... the graphics are unbelievable. And how else are you going to teach your children what it's like to be a wolf?

The Renaissance Connection An entire site full of interactive resources that captured the attention of all four of my children.

There's a ton more on the main site. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Amazing site. Thanks!
P.S. Happy Belated Birthday

Mom Of E's said...

MG -
This is great! Elle (5 years old) loved the "Into the Book" site. She loved how they explained visualizing (while you are reading) as making a mind movie. We are sure to spend several more hours learning on this site alone. Thanks for the awesome resource!


P.S. Thanks for reading and commenting over at my place. :-)

Benny said...

Looks liek a promising site. I think I can find some things in there that we'd all really enjoy! Thanks.

8)(8 said...

Those are some amazing sites that I never heard of. Thanks.