Monday, October 27, 2008

Does it count as a call if a friend is on the other end of the line?

A fostering friend is in a bit of a bind.

The Bio Mom of a little girl she is adopting is pregnant. Really pregnant. Gonna'-have-a-baby-any-day-now pregnant. Oh, and she's addicted to meth.

Friend is at capacity. She has a two year-old who is firmly attached to her and awaiting TPR so that she can be moved to relatives out of country. She has the baby she's adopting. And she has a little boy who is headed to TPR. She and her husband were planning to adopt this little man when he becomes legally free.

At capacity means she either keeps the kiddos she has and let the sibling pass into foster care ... or she can let one of the others be placed outside of her home and take the new sibling.

They decided to keep the siblings together. And, with the sacrificial love of true parents, they have decided to let the five month-old infant that they were planning to adopt be moved. The two year-old has been through so many changes, and she has another six to nine months of wait time before she moves on to her family. Another move in between would be devastating for her.

They will miss baby boy, but they feel like this is the best choice to make in a series of decisions that no one ever wants to make.

The phone rings.

Would we like to take him?

Oh ... my.


blessedmomto7 said...

Your friend made a sacrificial yet WISE decision. It is so important to keep the siblings together if at all possible. I know first hand as I was the only one NOT raised with my siblings. I also have a ton of experience with meth as I'm sure your friend does to. I will pray that you make the right decision! God Bless!

blessedmomto7 said...

PS-that's why I have so many kids so close in age, it is vital to us to keep the kids with their siblings :)

Mrs. C said...

So... are you taking him? Are you doing ok??

I'm so sad to read this.

Jenny said...

Praying for you up here on the roof!

Liz said...

praying for you

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am praying for you all! I can't imagine the chaos of trying to keep siblings together, but I do agree that they need to be together. I am praying for you, the friend, the mom and the kids!

JustTheFactsMa'am said...

Oh my! Praying for you. Keep us posted!