Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's so much more than *school*

Driving my children back from their collective dental appointments this a.m., I decided to take the leisurely way home. I had been given a Target gift card recently. We were all hungry. And heck, it was as sunny a day as you could ask for in late October.

So we mingled. We meandered. We postponed our morning school plans in favor of some morning life.

It didn't feel revolutionary at the time that it was happening. No, it just felt like a momma hen out with her four little chickens, soaking in some much-needed Vitamin D and enjoying some giggles at the expense of what passes for workout clothing. The truth is, it is so easy to take for granted these little moments in time. My children are always with me. I am secure in their presence; their voices, their hugs, their poking silliness ... it is the fabric of my very being. That fact sometimes makes me forget to savor every last second that I have with them, simply because I have those seconds in abundance.

I forget, too, how precious our freedom is. The mere fact that I could spend the better part of a morning safe and secure in the knowledge that our schoolwork can be done on our time, not someone else's ... priceless, isn't it? There is no two hour load of homework that must be turned in tomorrow morning. No class that must be attended. There is only a framework, some goals and an open-ended spirit of learning.

I am so unspeakably grateful today for the gift of homeschooling. It is this small sacrifice that has opened a door to a much, much larger blessing: time with my children. Not every moment is perfect. Not every moment is meaningful. But every moment is ours.


Liz said...

that is one of homeschooling's main draws for me! i agree :)

Anonymous said...

I really needed to hear that, thank you. Life "got in the way" of school today and I was feeling discouraged that I hadn't stuck to the schedule. All in all, it's better that my kids spent time with family than with their books.

~ Angi :) said...

As I lay L'il Man in his bed tonight, I said softly into the dark, "I love you."

Without warning, hot tears were spilling over the rims of my eyes and a lump was in my throat.

What would I do without him? With any of them??

I've gotten better with age at this Mom thing ~ but I've never gotten over being love-sick for them.

I so agree, MG. I so agree.

Sara said...

Great minds think alike. Thanks for putting into words the very thoughts I've had lately. Love it!

I enjoy your blog and wanted to pass along a "Kreativ" Blogger award to you. See my blog at for details. From your fellow TOS crewmate, Sara

anya* said...

hmmmmm...a little jealous of you and your lovely family at the moment...

sounds like a nice way to spend the morning though- hanging out with the little people you love.

Robin's Reports said...

I couldn't agree more. Thank you for putting that in print.

Tree Climbing Mom said...

I heartily agree. What a blessing. We're heading out to go letterboxing tomorrow during school!

Laurel said...

I read your note on the Ghana adoption yahoo group this morning, and I have so enjoyed discovering your blog today.

I am a Jesus lovin', homeschoolin', Ghana adoptin' mama from Wa. also. I have 10 bio kids (have homeschooled for 18 years), and we brought 3 sibings home from Ghana last March.

Fun to get to know you, I look forward to reading more of your blog.

(my family blog)
(my ministry website)

Luke said...

Yes. Exactly. I love reading your posts! I wish I had more to say--since I seem to just show up and agree with you--but you say it better than I could!


Sharie said...

This is so beautiful and so true! Thanks to Robin for pointing me here.