Monday, October 13, 2008

Today's the day!

Nominations begin today for the Homeschool Blog Awards. I love being able to steer people towards some of my favorite blogs, so I look forward to this every year. Here's a peek at some of the blogs that made it onto my ballot.

Best Nitty-Gritty blog: working title Amy posts about the very real roller coaster of of parenting a large family. Some of her kids are in school, some are homeschooled ... and all are unique individuals that she celebrates even when they are driving her batty. If you're looking for a real blogger with real opinions, she's it.

Best variety: choice central Angi and her brood have wonderful adventures that keep you wondering what they'll be up to next. Better than a soap opera ... but with people you'd actually like to hang out with!

Best politics: thoughtful motherhood while the focus of this blog is actually on the "motherhood" part of the title, there's more than a fair bit of "thoughtful," too. I don't agree with every conclusion that the writer comes to, but I certainly admire her tenacity and dedication to prying truth out of the shadows and bringing it to light.

What blogs are YOU nominating this year?

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