Monday, September 15, 2008

Meal Plan Monday

I don't normally participate in any of the standards--you know, meal plan Monday, Wordless Wednesday, etc. But as I sat here putting together my two-week menu I thought, what the heck. I'll post it. Why not???

Monday--black beans and rice (a staple at my house)
Tuesday--Mexican Pasta Bake
Wednesday--Sirloin and Black Bean Chili (every once in a while, I have to throw a cow in Logan's direction or he will mutiny)
Thursday--Spiced Corn Melangé
Friday--hubby's bday ... I'm still waiting to hear what he wants
Saturday--Fried Rice
Sunday--Three Bean Pilaf

Things you will notice immediately about the MG meal-plan:

1. We are about 95% vegetarian. Any meat called for in a recipe is generally substituted or ignored--unless I am making a concession for Logan's desire to consume flesh. In which case, the rest of us just smile and act like we can stand it so that he enjoys his experience.

2. I am a one-dish wonder cooker. Somewhere along the way, I abandoned the entree and side dish routine. No one here seems to care, and it sure saves on time, I can tell you that!

3. We eat a lot of beans. Yes, we do. I buy them dry and in bulk and they are a main food group around here. Thankfully, they are enjoyed by all. Otherwise, I'd have a problem!


Hadias said...

I am so glad that you participated in MPM. I have enjoyed your menu ideas. We are having Enchilladas, black beans and rice tonight.

I wsih that we could move to having a meatless meal at least one night a week but my husbands stance is that he is trying to gain weight and he needs his protein (not in the form of beans, nuts or legumes). I can respect that. I just think that I might be a in the closet vegan.

I am also glad that you enjoyed the water bed hillarious.

Liz said...

i also am a mostly one dish wonder mama.

SmallWorld at Home said...

I'm going to start using that "one dish wonder" line! I have a couple of friends who tease me relentlessly because I so rarely make side dishes. What's the point, if everything is in the entree?