Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So, honey, what did you do today?

1 load of towels

1 load of darks

1 load of diapers

taught three children the basics, nothing more

talked to benny on the phone

took temperatures 4 times

directed children through their chores

dispensed two rounds of tylenol

called to confirm social worker visit tomorrow

pulled together a grocery list for dh


wiped down two bathrooms

made an elaborate snack

served three (semi)nutritious meals

pulled three Lincoln Logs from the toilet

plunged said toilet

answered these random questions with the help of the internet:
"What's inside an Etch-A-Sketch?"
"When did the Wiggles start making videos?"
"Can you still take a ship around Cape Horn?"
"How long is a bushbaby pregnant?"

And now ... I will sleep.


Benny said...

Lincoln Logs in the toilet, huh? You neglected to mention THAT part in our conversation today.

Good old Oliver up to his fun tricks of throwing things in the darndest places, huh? What a stinker. ;o)

Gotta love those toddlers.


HonorMommy said...

Your blog looks fun too! Thanks for your comment :-D.

And now an official comment on this post... that ALL??? ;-P

BrutallyHonest said...

So funny...sounds like my day. Oh, the joys of being mom.

Anonymous said...

Your list looks a lot like mine - I think I'll point hubby to your blog when he gets home today.

"What did I do today? What she did." :)

Now, what is the answer to the bushbaby question?


Mama JJ said...

I just discovered this blog and am totally enjoying it. Good writing!

We did foster care for a couple years, too... Have you read Cindy Bodie's blog ( A single mom to a gaggle of kids---I'm not going to tell you how many---you have to check it out for yourself because I doubt you'll believe me if I did tell you.

I'll be visiting again!