Thursday, September 18, 2008

Review: Free online spelling games!

I love free online games. I'm a big proponent of games as educational tools in general, and free ones that don't take up space in my house just up the ante as far as I'm concerned. I recently found through a fellow bloggers links and tucked it away for Atticus. He gave it a go this morning and enjoyed it. HangMouse was his favorite game; Atticus has a fascination with mice in general (Redwall, Mouse Guard), so this one made his day. All I had to do was type in his missed words from Spelling Power and let him select the games he wanted to play. Fun, low-pressure practice. Love it!


Suzanne said...

Thanks can use this!

free online games said...

Thanks for this one. This is going to be very helpful to many kids in their studies and they also get to enjoy.