Tuesday, September 2, 2008

No Child Left Behind

We're awaiting word on a potential foster placement. Our agency was shocked to learn on Thursday evening that one of their adoptive placements had suddenly blown up in a nasty, dramatic way. This was in no way the child's fault; I've heard probably more about the situation than I should have, but trust me ... this little girl had nothing to do with her adoptive family self-destructing. She's simply an 8 year-old living through yet another mess that she can't control.

No child left behind. I think that oft-abused phrase fairly well sums up what Jesus means when He said He wanted the little ones to come to Him. Too bad we "Christians" are just as bad as the rest of the world in leaving children by the wayside.

ETA: The little girl will be staying with the family who provided her emergency respite care this past weekend, at least for now. Part of me is very, very glad for this tiny shred of continuity in her little life. The other part is, I admit, sad for us. For some reason, the idea of an 8 year old girl was joyful to all of us.

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anya* said...

Hopefully the continuity will be best for her- still it has got to be hard for you. You get a call and your heart and head start running.Hmmmm..I cannot wait to see how your family's story unfolds..